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Impact investing workshop with the peruvian Incubator HUB Udep

Last week, we had the pleasure of giving a workshop to a group of Peruvian startups. They are currently following an accelerator program with HUB Udep, the incubator of the University of Piura, in collaboration with Telefónica - Open Future.

Our co-founder Itamar Ahrenbeck discussed financial management best practices for startups, as well as the opportunity that impact investors represent for companies in Latin America. The conversation centred around what investors look for in a company, and how impact investors differ from pure financial investors

More about the acceleration program:

The startups were initially selected out of competition to discover companies that developed products and services that can help answer some of the issues raised by Covid-19. Such as: Social distancing in crowded places, Security protocols for business reactivation, Medical communication and telehealth, Psychic and mental health.

Here is the list of the participating startups:

ID4 (IoT devices for social distancing in the workplace)

All places (Alarm device for overcrowded places)

Teqvita (3D printing for the health sector)

Trega App (Safety protocol tracking app for the hospitality industry)

Smart Doctor (Remote health services)

Low Cost Pacs (Cloud-based storage system for the health sector)

Terapy Go (Mental health services app)

Formadores Digitales (Digital training for teachers)


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