We help you improve profitability and attract investors


We constantly look for ways to improve your business and get our hands dirty to make an impact. 



Our deep knowledge in corporate finance allows us to bring great value to SME's and Startups.

What you need is what you get.

We ensure that our services are affordable and highly flexible.

For Startups and SME's

We help you make the right financial decisions.

How can I improve my profitability? Where should I allocate my resources? What market should I enter next? How can I attract investors?

In short, we are your strategic financial partner!

Strategic and Financial Planning

Funding and
(Re-)Allocation of Resources

Internal Processes and Reporting

Deal Sourcing

Due Diligence

Internal Processes and Reporting

For Investors

Whether you are a traditional or an impact investor, we help companies with a high potential professionalize their financial management and make them more attractive for you to invest.

We also make sure that our client companies get prepared for the due diligence process, so that you can run it as smoothly as possible.

For non-profit organisations

Whether you are an NGO, a chamber of commerce, an incubator or a cooperative, we train your members to improve their financial management and to help them understand what investors look for.

We are all about improving the competitiveness of 
SME's and Startups'!

Impact Measurement

Investor Attractiveness

Strategic and Financial Planning

Monthly CFO Services

Internal Processes and Reporting

Stay on top of your numbers

We make sure each of your departments get the information they need at the right time to make informed business decisions.

Planning and Controlling

Improve constantly

We provide insights on growth opportunities and risks, and work with your operational, sales and marketing teams to build actionable plans.

We follow-up to adjust and pivot where needed.

Financing and
(Re-)Allocation of Resources

Optimize your resources and maximise returns

We find the perfect mix between different types of financing and re-allocate resources to the right growth projects or Business Units.


Avoid risks and minimize fiscal costs

We lead corporate matters and work with legal and fiscal partners to structure the right framework between your different group entities and operations.


Outsource the entire finance and accounting function

We take care of the accounting in case you don't have an accountant in your team or if you don't already work with a fiduciary company.

Projects Services


Company Restructuring

Business and Financial Planning

Due Diligence



Ad hoc Analysis


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