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Helping high impact entrepreneurs achieve their mission profitably
Our mission

Our mission is to help socially and environmentally conscious Startups and SME’s scale and improve their long-term profitability.

While impact companies are great innovators and the key to creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy, many tend to lack financial expertise. This translates into the inability to build profitable business models and attract investors.

We change that!

For Startups and SME's

Improve profitability and scalability

For Investors

Pipeline of investable impact companies

For Non-Profit Organisations

Financial and impact technical assistance

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Launched in 2016

In Latin America and Europe

30+ Clients

Our clients' main industries








About us

YourExternalCFO was created in 2016. We are present in Switzerland and in Argentina, from where we serve the Latin American market. We work as finance business partner with Startups and SME’s looking to have a positive social and environmental impact.

We thrive to help our clients both become financially viable and scale their impact by attracting investors.


Our team is made of highly experienced finance professionals with a background both in large and smaller organisations. Most importantly, we share our clients' values around sustainability and financial inclusion, and thrive to help our clients grow.

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